I have been blessed to serve on the teaching teams for a number of training for children and youth workers. If I can assist you ministry be presenting any of the following workshops, please feel free to contact me!

Caring for Kids in Crisis
What do you do when a child in your ministry loses a loved one or parent?  How do you answer questions like, “why doesn’t daddy love mommy anymore?  When cancer challenges one of you families how do you offer loving, meaningful support?  Learn from my triumphs and mistakes as we discuss the do’s and don’ts of ministering to hurting kids.
Presented: 2009 Institute of Children’s Ministry

Hand in Hand: Engaging Parents in Faith Formation
What is your ministry doing to help parents nurture a rock-solid faith in their children’s lives? If we are going to develop a lasting faith in the lives of the children we serve, our ministries must prepare and support parents to be spiritual leaders in their own home. Together we’ll discuss practical strategies and tools to help your ministry come alongside parents to grow healthy, devoted followers of Christ.
Presented: 2015 Institute of Children’s Ministry

Influencing Your Senior Pastor
As leaders in the church, we have unique opportunities to influence and touch our peer leaders and those who are serving in the ministries that we lead. However, when it comes to influencing the people over us, we often times we find it challenging and difficult. Join us as we discuss tools to connect in positive ways to your senior pastor so that he will become a ”raving fan” of your children’s ministry.
Presented: 2009 Institute of Children’s Ministry

KidMin Is My Other Job
It is possible that very few of us will ever be able to serve full-time in children’s ministry. Although our calling is highest priority in our lives, most of us still have a job that is not children’s ministry. How do you handle the unique challenges that come from trying to balance it all and gain the respect needed to lead your ministry? Here we’ll discuss some tips and ideas for all of us walking this line.
Presented: 2015 Institute of Children’s Ministry

Making Children’s Ministry Spaces, Safe Places
This workshop provides the student with the tools to establish a safety plans and procedures to make their children’s ministry a safe place for children.

Preschool Ministry 101
Call me “crazy,” but nursery and preschool ministry is my favorite hour of the week! My love for this ministry began 24 years ago, and it’s still my favorite ministry within the church.  Come join in as we discuss the elements of a solid preschool ministry (structure, curriculum, discipline, and volunteer management), as well as share some practical ministry ideas and teaching tools that will make preschool ministry your favorite hour of the week too!
Presented: 2015 Institute of Children’s Ministry

Relevant Ministry to the Young Harvest
Relevance is key to the success of any ministry. Over the past many years, there have been shifts in our ministry models that have helped churches form ministries that are relevant to today’s child. Join us as we identify these shifts and discuss practical steps to align our ministries with God’s Word while also remaining relevant to the culture in which we minister.
Presented: 2009 Institute of Children’s Ministry

Slaying the Goliaths: Children’s Ministry in the Small Church
Smaller churches often face formidable foes that seem stronger and bigger than they are.  Nevertheless, every Goliath has a weakness.  By using creativity, aligning with God’s Word, prayer and a little sweat, these obstacles can come crashing to their knees.  Join us as we confront common giants with four smooth stones that energize people, release enthusiasm, and unlock passion in the smaller church…passion that brings down those Goliaths that threaten every ministry.

Speak Up! Social Media Strategies for Children’s Ministers
As a children’s ministry leader, you’ve got lots to say! But if you are not fully utilizing social media then you’re missing out on some of the most effective and relevant tools available to you. Discover a social media strategy that will help you connect with parents/families, inform your volunteers, and create a positive buzz about your ministry.
Presented: 2015 Institute of Children’s Ministry

Techno Tool Every Children’s Minister Can Use
Do you Tweet? Facebook? Text? or IM? If you don’t (or don’t even know what these mean) this workshop is for you. Discover some great techno tools that will help you better connect with your kids and parents and develop a relevant ministry that moves beyond the church setting.

Volunteers That Stick
This workshop will provide useful tools for recruiting, attracting, training and leading a volunteer staff that grows, thrives in their ministry to children. Includes relational connectivity ideas, retaining volunteers workers and understanding the basic needs of volunteers.

We Need to Talk: Sticky Conversations in CM
We’ve all been there. You have to have that dreaded conversation you’ve been avoiding with a parent, volunteer, fellow ministry leader, or our pastor. In this workshop we will discuss some important steps that help bring understanding, influence, and resolution to even the most challenging conversations.
Presented: 2015 Institute of Children’s Ministry