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Below arTitle Slidee resources that accompany presentations made at the Children’s Ministry Track at the 2015 North Carolina Leadership Conference held February 18-21, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Session One: Why Children’s Ministry?

Why does your church offer ministries to children? The answer to this question often varies with each congregation, but it also reveals what lies at the foundation of your ministry. For your ministry to be effective it must be based on the truth of God’s Word about your children. Together we will see what God says about our children and those who serve them, discover ways of establishing your ministry on the right foundation, and explore the basics of leading children in spiritual experiences.

Session Two: Developing A Ministry Structure
What have you done to insure that your ministry is healthy, effective, and prepared for growth? In this workshop we’ll discuss proven techniques and skills that will help your ministry operate more effectively in the areas of classroom management, discipleship, discipline, and more. We will also discuss ways to engage kids in your faith community.

Session Three: Reaching Kids Through Creative Ministry
Jesus didn’t teach like the traditional teachers of the law. No, his approach was very different….and they were very effective. You can also be an effective teacher by using a variety of creative methods. In this workshop, I’ll showcase some of my most favorite teaching methods that you can take home to your church and immediately put into practice.

Session Four: The Growing Leader
What was God thinking when He placed you in ministry to children? I believe that if you are called to this ministry, you are called to lead. And if you are called to lead, you are called to grow in your leadership. In this workshop we’ll talk about some essentials for every children’s ministry leader and how you can more effectively lead your children and ministry team.

Entire Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Entire Conference Participant Guide
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