Contemporary Models of Preaching To Be Offered As a Summer Week-Long Course for Pastors


The Pentecostal Theological Seminary recently announced its summer online and campus course schedule. Although the Seminary has entered into online education with a significant interest from across the United States, its summer J-term courses remain a popular offering among current students, alumni, and those interested in receiving additional ministry training.

J-term courses are only offered by the Seminary in the months January, June, and July and are unique in that students complete their classroom instruction for one class in just one week. Through pre and post-course reading and assignments, students are able to complete the entire course in a limited amount of time.

A popular course for Seminary students and those wishing to grow in the ministry skill is “Contemporary Models of Preaching” being offered July 14—18. This course teaches students new sermon styles which employ a greater use of creativity, imagination, and artistry to affect both the head and heart of the listener. Course instructor, Dr. John Gordy says, “Students learn how people listen, experience the Scriptures, and encounter God. This course also addresses two areas that are indispensable for effective preaching, the role of the Holy Spirit and the life of the preacher.

Mike Grove, Lead Pastor of the Praise Cathedral Church of God in North East, Pennsylvania believes his recent participation in the course had a “very positive” impact on his congregation. “I am engaging my congregation on a deeper level than ever before through Spirit-led Biblical interpretation. More people are responding to my sermons and tarrying longer during the altar services as they seek a deeper relationship with the Lord.”

The entire list of online and J-term course offerings can be found at the Seminary’s website, The Seminary is offering a 50% tuition scholarship for new and returning students who participate in a summer online or June J-term courses. For more information about the Seminary or these incentives, individuals may call 800-228-9126 to speak with a Recruiter or Admission Counselor.

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