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    A Few Tips for Leaders Who Follow

    October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  I am blessed to have had a series of wonderful pastors.  Each one deposited Biblical truth and practical strategies into my life to enhance my walk with the Lord and challenge me to be a better disciple. So thank you…EC McKinley, Rick Lee, Billy Wilson, Tim Coalter, Steve Wilson, and […]

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    Volunteers That Stick

    Too often, recruitment is left to the church staff. Relational recruiting, however, involves giving the vision to your volunteers, so they can take ownership of the recruiting process and build key relationships in three volunteer-producing areas. DOWNLOADS Lesson Outline – Click here to download. Lesson Handout – Click here to download. Lesson PowerPoint – Click here […]

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    Slaying the Goliaths: Ministry in a Small Church

    In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple computers to assume a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. Computer mogul Michael Dell sent Jobs an e-mail that callously called to “shut [Apple] down. Despite trendy features, Apple computers just never succeeded in toppling the Bill Gates Microsoft Empire. In 2001, a full four years […]

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