• Slaying the Goliaths in YM Logo.001-001

    Slaying the Goliaths: Ministry in a Small Church

    In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple computers to assume a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. Computer mogul Michael Dell sent Jobs an e-mail that callously called to “shut [Apple] down. Despite trendy features, Apple computers just never succeeded in toppling the Bill Gates Microsoft Empire. In 2001, a full four years […]

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  • Relevant Ministry to a Young Harvest Logo.001-001

    Relevant Ministry to A Young Harvest

    Relevance is key to the success of any ministry.  Over the past many years, there have been shifts in our ministry models that have helped churches form ministries that are relevant to today’s child.  Join us as we identify these shifts and discuss practical steps to align our ministries with God’s Word while also remaining […]

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  • Reaching Up Logo.001-001

    Reaching Up to Influence Your Senior Pastor in Children’s Ministry

    “Your ministry must be moving in the same strategic direction as the church. Michael Useem in his book Leading Up says, “You need to be clear minded about the organization’s overall purpose, and you should make your decisions so your actions are clearly directed on that purpose.” DOWNLOADS Lesson Outline – Click here to download. […]

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  • Ministering to Multi-Age Classroom Logo.001-001

    Ministering to the Multi-Age Classroom

    Working with multi-age groups can be a rewarding and very positive experience for everyone involved—especially if you plan ahead. A variety of curriculum products have been designed so kids of ages Kindergarten-Grade 5 participate together. All children need an opportunity to make important contributions, participate in fun and meaningful activities, and discuss how to apply […]

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  • Comforting Kids in Crisis Logo.001-001

    Comforting Kids in Crisis

      DOWNLOADS Lesson Outline – Click here to download. Lesson Handout – Click here to download. Lesson PowerPoint – Click here to download.

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  • Creating a Buzz Logo.001-001

    Creating a Buzz in Children’s Ministry

    Buzzzzzzz.  It can happen on any given day. Buzzzzzz. It may be at the grocery store, soccer practice, or at the local elementary school. Someone asks where I attend church and I tell them. Buzzzzzz. Almost every time I smile as I listen to them. They know about our church, they’ve heard of it, and […]

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