• MEssenger

    Making the Ministry Connection

    “Today I have preschool ministry duty.” “Duty” is a word that I occasionally hear from children’s ministry volunteers. While I am certain it is never meant to cause harm or degrade the ministry, it can sometimes reveal the individual’s perception of what we do. While I am incredibly grateful for those who serve, it’s always […]

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  • Prayer Post

    Praying Scripture For Your Children

    One of the most powerful ways to pray for children is to use Scripture. Because the Bible is the living Word of God, you can pray His Word back to Him, interceding for your children and grandchildren about the very things that matter to God. PRAY FOR THINGS MENTIONED IN A VERSE: Luke 2:52 “Jesus […]

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  • Praying

    Building A Faith that Stands

    Many years ago, I took my firstborn daughter to a local park on a warm spring day. She was happy and carefree, smiling and laughing. We had a wonderful time as her little, three-year-old legs roamed every inch of the park and adventured through playground equipment. A few days later while in prayer, that image […]

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  • Egg Hunt

    He’s Not Here! An Easter Egg Hunt Devotion

    I prepared this brief devotion to be shared a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. It is simple, requires little preparation, and can be presented in less than 10 minutes. He Is Not Here! Matthew 28:1-8, NLT Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Devotion Introduction Item(s) Needed: Blown out Egg (For instructions, watch here.) Say: (Holding egg) In just a […]

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  • Slaying the Goliaths

    Slaying the Goliaths: Children’s Ministry In the Small Church

    For those participating in the ICM Resolved Webinar in March 15, 2016, here are some of my presentation notes: SMALLER-CHURCH GOLIATHS As a smaller church, you often face foes much stronger and bigger than you are. Like David, we stand before these giants. But every “Goliath” has a weakness and through faithfulness, creativity, resourcefulness, and a little […]

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  • Screaming

    Kicking & Screaming: Separation Anxiety in Preschool Ministry

    Around four months ago, my wife and I assumed the role of volunteer pastors of our church’s preschool ministry. There is never a dull moment when, in any given week, you are ministering to around 60 children ages birth to pre-K. Every ministry session seems to bring something new and unpredictable when interacting with some of […]

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