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    Pentecostal Theological Seminary Announces Transition of President

    In a statement released on Wednesday by the Pentecostal Theological Seminary to students, alumni and friends, Dr. Steven Jack Land announced his decision to transition from the Office of the President to a role as “teacher, author, and consultant.” The announcement comes as Land celebrates thirty-seven years of full-time service

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    A Few Tips for Leaders Who Follow

    October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  I am blessed to have had a series of wonderful pastors.  Each one deposited Biblical truth and practical strategies into my life to enhance my walk with the Lord and challenge me to be a better disciple. So thank you…EC McKinley, Rick Lee, Billy Wilson,

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    Filling In The Blank

    At KidMin this week, presenter Larry Acosta challenged the audience to fill-in the blank in the following sentence: “Without ___________________________, I wouldn’t be in children’s ministry today.” It was simple for me to fill-in the blank, but for me the question needed four blanks.

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    Call Me Crazy: How Preschool Ministry Became My Favorite Hour of the Week (And Can Become Yours Too!)

    The highest compliment I was ever paid was when I got a Twitter shout-out as the “Pied Piper of Preschool Ministers” by a new ministry volunteer. My love for preschool ministry began 22 years ago…and it’s still my favorite ministry within the church. Download a .pdf of the presentation made

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    Preparing for Your Guests: Step One

    Imagine that you were preparing to throw a party at your home. At this party you plan to invite not only your closest friends but also many new acquaintances. No doubt there are many steps you would take to prepare for the party, which might include: Preparing and sending invitations,

  • While the unchanging, uncompromised, life-giving message of the Gospel must be shared with these children, we must consider how effective we are at speaking their language.  Technology provides us with new tools to share the hope of Christ and engage children as disciples, fully devoted to Christ.

    Techno Kids

    Almost one hundred years ago, William Cameron Townsend was serving as a missionary to the Cakchiquel Indians in Guatemala.  Townsend worked tirelessly throughout his one-year commitment to reach the natives with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and to provide them with Spanish language Bibles. Near the end of