• Batterson

    The Grave Robber

    Mark Batterson Catalyst PreLab, 10/01/14 When was the last time you prayed and asked God to keep us in orbit? We didn’t because we already trust God for the big miracles. Now, if we’d just trust him with the small miracles? We all want a miracle, we just don’t want

  • IMG_8555

    Say Yes to A God Who Is Bigger Than You Think

    Say Yes to A God Who Is Bigger Than You Think Reggie Joiner, Catalyst Pre-Lab, 10/01/14 In a hundred years from now all that matters is a person’s relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s all about this relationship and what it means to have one with Christ. I have a limited

  • Pentecostal-Theological

    PTS Announces Transition in Office of Recruitment and Communications

    Note: The Pentecostal Theological Seminary released the following statement on Tuesday, August, 19, 2014 concerning an upcoming transition in my role as Director of Recruitment and Communications. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve this great institution, look forward to staying connected with the faculty and staff, and

  • IMG_4515

    Graduation Day: Why and How I Arrived At This Day.

    It’s graduation weekend! This weekend will mark the end of an unexpected journey I began around twenty-one months ago. You see, the journey was unexpected because I never really thought I’d pursue my Master’s degree. When I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree fourteen years ago, I had every intention of being

  • IMG_9127

    Center for Latino Studies To Dedicate New Library With Over 6,000 Volumes

    The journey of a growing library with over 6,000 volumes will continue this week, as the collection finds a new home at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary’s Center for Latino Studies (CLS). The Seminary will dedicate a new library and resource center at the CLS’ location at 740 Walker Street NE

  • Ramsey

    Five Elements that Cause You to Win

    I had the great privilege of attending the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011.  Catalyst is a leadership experience that is excellent in every, single way. The two-day event featured some of the leading voices in ministry, government, entertainment, and industry, sharing on the topic of Be Present. One of