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    Living In A State of Regret

    Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again too few to mention…” How often have I wished the words sung by crooner Frank Sinatra could be true for me? Often we hear people encourage us to live life with “no regrets.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? If anyone’s been able to successfully accomplish this…please let me […]

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  • Facing the Sixth Grade Dilemma

    Transitions are never easy, no matter at what stage we find ourselves when we go through them. When parents, caregivers, and church leaders think about stress in the lives our students, transitioning from children’s to youth ministry is not something that usually comes to mind. Any change in the routine of a child can be […]

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  • Making it REAL! Relevant Ministry to A Young Harvest

    Imagine with me that we have ordered the latest and greatest gadget that promises to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. This gadget will help us more efficiently manage our time, better serve our church and community, organize and keep our home in “ship shape” condition, all while helping us find ample time for rest […]

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    Speaking Out for Children’s Ministries

    In the end, if your church is interested in changing the world for Christ, your best chance of leaving its mark is by ministering to children. They are, in essence, your primary mission field. And as harsh as this may sound, they are often the only segment within the church body where measurable transformation occurs.” […]

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